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With four Children and a Tandem through Norway and Sweden

Karl Brodowsky, cycled 2002-07-07 bis 2002-08-09, written 2002

Part 5

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2002-08-03 Off course this was again an area with no stores at all on a long distance, but on the other hand this was again one of the most beautiful areas of tour. Finally we met the direct national highway N 45 from Mora to Gothenburg or rather it hit our highway. Soon we were approaching Torsby, which seems to be a town with many aggressive car fans. There was at least a very obvious minority of wild drivers on the highway. We saved us the hassle of going through Torsby itself and rather remained on the N 45 to pass the town and to go to the camp ground located 5 kilometers south of Torsby.

2002-08-04 The camp ground is located in a wonderful vicinity near the lake, which actually happened to be quite warm for a change. Karin and I took turns in going to the town for buying the most important stuff, but the kids could enjoy staying on the camp ground for the whole day. My front tire was kind of worn out and the inner parts of it became visible here and there. Off course only the bicycle store sold tires and off course it was closed on this Sunday. But Karin had discovered another store near the place where she had bought food and this one seemed to actually have a few tires. Actually I was able to show the girl who worked there which kind of tire I wanted, after she had told me that she could not help me, so I was able to fix this on the same day.

2002-08-05 We had to think of catching our boat from Oslo to Kiel and Torsby was the last chance to turn west and reach the ferry without too significant detours. The national highway to Kongsvinger seems to be put together of many historically grown stretches of local highways, so we did turn north, south and sometimes west. But many times we had to make a right or left when we came to branches. Anyway it existed and it was easy to find. We wanted to go to Oslo in three days, leaving us one more day to see the city or as reserve, in case we needed more time. We came through a nearly unpopulated area with very few very small villages, but many lakes, rivers and mountains. Until we reached the border this was quite a long, but not too steep climb, which even continued for the first few kilometers in Norway. We passed a nice lake where we wanted to swim, because there would probably be two nights in the woods again. But there seemed to be no place to reach the bank, as we had already almost passed it. Something like that tends to change radically after having asked local people. They new a way to the lake which had looked quite unlikely to us, because we considered it a driveway to some house.

To our surprise we found road signs pointing to a camp ground 12 kilometers ahead of us. We thought about this and whether we should expect this camp ground near the national highway or rather in a location forcing us to go many kilometers into the wrong direction. But it came nearer and nearer without taking us to any wrong branch. Since it was getting late, we had to make a decision to go for the camp ground, because it would become too late to easily find a good place in the woods. In these southern areas and so late in the summer sunsets are something that seriously happens and that seriously means darkness. Finally we did get a negative surprise, because the last kilometer was a terrible dust road where we had to push our bikes. But that was doable.

2002-08-06 On the next day we had to cross all the mountains again, combined with very nice views from the higher points. Surprisingly early we could see Kongsvinger. It was really Kongsvinger, branches became more common and we used the national highways N 200, N 20 and N 2 in that order. We had the intention not to stay in Kongsvinger again and it was even a good idea to cover some more space on this day. This time we took the quieter N 175 on the southern side of the Glåma, with the river between us and the undesired camp ground. Later we came to a section of the highway which we had already used in the beginning of our tour. The maps showed some camp grounds situated in the area where we would want to stay for the night anyway, but near the N 2 on the northern bank. So we crossed the river on a dam and after many curves and a few kilometers on the N 2 itself we were almost there. Again it was about a kilometer on a very bad dust road to the camp ground. Surprisingly enough it was located very close to the dam where we had just crossed, much closer than a kilometer. The beach from where I went swimming in the morning was located very close to the dam.

2002-08-07 The last day of long distance cycling brought as noisier highways. We took the N 2 to Kløfta and then followed the European highway E 6 or the highway that fulfills this function for bicyclists, however you want to name it, all the way to Oslo, where we still had to reach the camp ground. Somehow we made even this.

2002-08-08 For our day in Oslo we decided to leave our bikes in the camp ground and bought Oslo-passes that are valid for museums and public transport. So we could go to the museum area on the peninsula Bydøy and see the Fram museum, the Kontiki museum, the Viking museum and even the open air museum. For our way back we took the subway to some location near the camp ground. Just when we started walking towards the camp ground a bus came that took us about half the way. And there even happened to be another bus for the other half of the way.

2002-08-09 A downhill ride and some kilometers on the European highway E 18 brought us the the port where the ferry to Kiel should leave. We even had some time in another part of the port where they had some sailing ships. The ship journey in this direction is maybe nicer, because we could see the nice scenery of the Oslo-fjord with many islands and beautiful coastal areas in the afternoon. This time we had cabins in lower decks of the ship, near the propellers, where it was quite noisy. But we all slept surprisingly well.

2002-08-10 From Kiel we took a day train which left some hours after our arrival and quite late in the night we arrived in Schaffhausen.

2002-08-11 The Sunday was again an idle day, before school, kindergarten and this kind of stuff started again.

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