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With four Children and a Tandem through Norway and Sweden

Karl Brodowsky, cycled 2002-07-07 bis 2002-08-09, written 2002

Part 3

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2002-07-21 Because we intended to spend the next night in Sveg, which was no longer very far, we arrived there during the afternoon. We had passed a lake of some water power plant located just a few kilometers north-west (and a few meters above) Sveg for quite some time. We even found a nice place for swimming in that lake, which is not always so easy to find. In Sveg we took our time for washing our clothes and having a nice dinner.

2002-07-22 The day in Sveg was meant to be a day of rest. Our old family tradition is to play at least once mini-golf on every bicycle tour. Since almost any Swedish camp ground has a mini-golf-course, we decided to try this in Sveg. Bernhard and Ulrich have already become quite strong players, making it very tough for Karin and me to win against them, but even Christina and Heidrun are really participating now. In the afternoon we hired a canoe. Unfortunately it started to rain and Christina got panic that the rain might fill and sink the boat. No chance to calm her down. So she walked home with Karin from where we were and I continued with the boys to the dam of the lake in which we had been swimming on the day before. After having returned Christina realized that the canoe had actually proved to be safe and she suddenly wanted to be in the boat when Karin started to paddle into the opposite direction, which became quite a long tour as well. In the evening I went on a small ride to Härrö, which is an peninsula located in the lake, which can be reached via a bridge. The highway which I took would continue all the way to Älvdalen, a highway junction some 150 kilometers south of Sveg. Probably this could be worth while for another bicycle tour in the future, because it seemed to be a very fine highway with very little traffic.

2002-07-23 Mora has always been one of the fixed points of many bicycle tours, so it was mandatory to go there even on this tour. The Swedish national highway N 45 does a funny detour near Sveg, where it changes its direction almost by 180 degrees, just on the other side of the river. Plans exist to rectify this somehow, but that seems to be far away. For now it was no big detour for us, because we came from Sveg. This part of the highway passes many beautiful lakes and we even passed the location where we had stayed for the night 2 years earlier. This time we were able to cycle a little bit closer to Mora. We found a nice place near a small creek for the night shortly after Noppikoski, one of the few bus stops between Sveg and Mora, after having covered slightly more than half of the distance to Mora.

2002-07-24 The remaining distance to Mora had quite a few hills and we even got some rain. We crossed the valley of a river that flows to Orsa and which is even used by the rail line. But the highway just crossed the valley, with quite a climb on the other side, providing a nice view when we came closer to Orsa. We found a store offering smoked fish. It was located near a rapidly flowing river. From here we had the choice on how to continue towards Mora. The obvious and fastest way would be to continue on the national highway N 45. But it was early enough for a little detour on another highway following the western shore of the Orsa-lake, which is what we actually did. Shortly before Mora we changed to the other side of the Österdalsälven-river, where the camp ground was supposed to be.

2002-07-25 We intended to stay a little bit longer in Mora and this became actually three days (and four nights). Having seen the bear park in Orsa twice we were thinking that this might not be a top priority, but for all children but Christina it was. Obviously second choice was the Tomteland, the place, where Santa Claus is living, at least for the Swedish. Still we chose to go there on the first day, but we had a look at the island Sollerön, which was on our way. The entrance fee for a family with four kids was slightly absurd, since we did not go in via the back-door, but that is how it is. We were invited to come once more the next day with the same tickets.

2002-07-26 This time Karin and the kids took the bus to Tomteland, while I took some more time riding Bernhard's MTB via Sollerön again. This gave us a chance to get Karin's bike fixed, where the rear wheel needed to be re-centered. In Tomteland, I passed the bike to Karin, who left slightly earlier and rode the bike on a long trip to Siljansnäs and later back to Mora, while the children and I were taking the bus back to Mora and picked up Karin's bike.

2002-07-27 We considered doing it the same way with the bear park in Grönklitt near Orsa on the third day, but unfortunately there were no busses going all the way to Grönklitt on that Saturday. To speed up things a little bit though, Karin and the kids took their bicycles in the bus to Orsa, while I tried another alternative route via Karlås, which was very nice, but slightly longer, especially if I consider the additional elevation-meters. We met in Orsa and this time we wanted to use the real road to Grönklitt. Somewhere north of Orsa a small forest road is branching from some highway into the woods and following a small valley with a creek almost all the way to Grönklitt. It looks as if this road had not been included when many highways were being paved. Instead another road leading to Fryksås had been paved and transformed into a highway, which allowed for a short connection plus the last section to Grönklitt being paved instead of the whole way we were following. This made the connection to Grönklitt slightly longer, but possibly saved some money for four additional kilometers of asphalt, because most of the way the roads to Grönklitt and Fryksås are now bundled. Off course it was kind of fun to see if we were really finding the dust road to Grönklitt, because all the road signs had off course been arranged to point to the paved highway. But we found it without any problems. We pushed our bicycles for 5 kilometers and had asphalt again for another kilometer after the connection to Fryksås merged into our road. Unfortunately most of the animals were hiding this time. We were able to see bears and even their babies, but no wolves, lynx and other animals, that should be around as well. Maybe next time.

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