Bicycle Tours


Here you can find descriptions of bicycle trips in English. If you like reading German, you might have a look at the German bicycle tours descriptions. I have even started collecting some reports in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, French, Dutch, and some other languages might be around in the future.

The authors are responsible for the contents of the pages that I link, but I assume that I have read at least everything that is stored on my own site and maybe even the reports that I only refer to by links. I do not intend to achieve completeness with these pages, because Andreas Caranti initiated and later transferred to Thomas Driemeyer the Trento Bike Pages. They already have provided excellent collections. But if you do know of an interesting bicycle tour that seems to fit into this collection, please let me know by filling the CGI-form. The way I put countries into groups is meant to give you some help for finding certain countries and certain tours.

Tours that go accross borders can appear more than once.

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