velofahren is a combination of the French word velo (bicycle) with the German word fahren (driving, riding). Due to the fact that the German speaking Swiss tend to use the word velo even when they speak German, you can even reasonably combine these two in a consistent way. This naming is even consistent with the contents found on these pages, because they deal with bicycling and travelling by bicycle.

To tell the truth, I did not get very far in writing the English version of this page, apart from the fact that I am supplying a collection of bicycle touring links. In German you might be able to find a little bit more. You will find about 400 bicycle tours linked in English, 1000 in German, 170 in Scandinavian languages and 100 in other languages.

If you are interested in bicycles and especially in traveling by bicycle you might want to have a look at my bicycle touring page, which is linking to more specific regional pages for different continents and areas. Actually I view the bicycle mostly as a means of transportation. See 50 reasons for not using a bicycle path for more transportation oriented thinking.