My e-mail address is:

b k one.

Due to spam problems I will no longer have my mail address included in machine readable form, but I might add a web-form as an alternative way to send me an email in the future.

Please don't send binaries, especially not µ$-word-documents, Wordperfect, Excel-, Lotus-, ...-files, since I don't own licences of the software required to read these files anyway.

Another important restriction is that this mail-address may only be used for purely private purposes. So please refrain from sending mails with commercial purposes to this address.

If you do want to send me binaries (that I can use), please let me know. I have a second address for such purposes, not disclosed here to limit spamming.

Please use meaningful "subject:"-lines, because I am using this to decide which mails to read and which mails to discard unread as spam. This should be no problem, because spam mails typically come either without subject or with certain subject lines that you do not want to use anyway.

You can also use the newly created form to send emails.