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With four Children and a Tandem through Norway and Sweden

Karl Brodowsky, cycled 2002-07-07 to 2002-08-09, written 2002


This translation has been made by me, Karl Brodowsky. If you don't like my translation please try reading the German original instead. Or let me know of errors, so that I can correct them. My mother tongue is German, not English. Anyway the spelling and wording in this text is meant to be American English, the way it is used near the Atlantic coast, if you like to be more specific on this.... Still, measurements are always based on the metric system. I did not want to downgrade to non-metric measurement systems. This would be slightly confusing in Scandinavia, where a mile is typically meant to be 10.000 km, not 1.609 km like an American mile. So please do not blame me for that.