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Bicycle Tour with three children in Sweden

Karl Brodowsky, cycled 1997-07-04 to 1997-08-10, written in German 1998, translated to English 1998


This translation has been made by me, Karl Brodowsky. If you don't like my translation please consider reading the German original instead. Or let me know of errors, so that I can correct them. English is not my mother tongue. Anyway the spelling in this article is meant to be American English. Still measurements are always based on the metric system (kilometers rather than miles, for example).

Part 1

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Because we liked the previous family bicycle tour (1994) so much, we thought that it might be a good idea to try something like that again 1997.

This page currently contains only photos, no text.

Part 2

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Part 3

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Part 4

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Part 5

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Because some people like tables and statistics and stuff like that I have added such a table. Those who find that two mathematical are welcome to skip it. On some days we covered slightly different distances. I put the least important column to the right, so hopefully you can avoid horizontal scrolling. I added short information about the roads we traveled on, where X stands for an unnumbered road. All distances are kilometers, no miles, pounds, feet and gallons on these pages.

Date Roads Target Distance Average Net Time Maximum
1997-07-04 (5)Schaffhausennight train~. 5---
1997-07-05 (6)KielStena ferry~. 7---
1997-07-06 (7)E 20Lerum29.21/27.6510.11/9.462:53:18/2:55:27-
1997-07-07 (1)VicinityLerum10.37/2.6711.18/5.870:53:37/0:27:1831.4/25.0
1997-07-08 (2)E 20 - X - N 40Sandared (Borås)49.05/48.329.63/8.185:05:15/5:54:1937.8/-
1997-07-09 (3)N 40Sandared [Zoo]27.38/27.2612.33/11.172:13:13/2:26:1939.4/23.7
1997-07-10 (4)N 40Sandared [Zoo]26.46/26.7611.65/12.342:16:11/2:10:0539.2/35.3
1997-07-11 (5)N 40Ulricehamn48.00/47.2310.78/10.744:27:01/4:50:5935.5/24.2
1997-07-12 (6)UlricehamnUlricehamn [town]3.93/3.819.32/8.330:25:20/0:27:2224.8/20.4
1997-07-13 (7)N 40Axamo (Jönköping)45.78/45.8312.26/10.923:44:06/4:11:4539.2/26.8
1997-07-14 (1)WalkingAxamo [moor]0/10.910/11.560/56:120/25.1
1997-07-15 (2)-Axamo [rest]0/13.390/13.190/1:00:550/32.9
1997-07-16 (3)N 40 - XAxamo [moor]35.66/15.8513.61/10.532:37:12/1:30:1636.5/29.4
1997-07-17 (4)N 40 - XAxamo [Taberg]33.21/32.6914.99/14.682:12:48/2:13:3039.7/33.9
1997-07-18 (5)N 195wood (Habo)38.56/37.4011.39/10.683:23:06/3:30:0232.7/28.7
1997-07-19 (6)N 195Hjo42.35/42.3012.37/11.203:25:28/3:46:5532.4/23.8
1997-07-20 (7)-Hjo [town]0/5.070/-0/0:43:000/-
1997-07-21 (1)N 195 - N 49Karlsborg34.96/33.9214.23/12.192:26:12/2:46:5838.2/35.7
1997-07-22 (2)-Karlsborg [town]0/00/00/00/0
1997-07-23 (3)N 49Askersund51.12/51.1314.09/12.123:37:30/4:03:0036.9/29.9
1997-07-24 (4)N 50Askersund [town]23.23/5.7517.25/8.341:20:48/0:41:2241.2/29.4
1997-07-25 (5)N 205 - XTived32.09/32.3411.77/11.042:43:27/2:55:4038.9/-
1997-07-26 (6)XTived [park]23.07/22.0712.5/11.871:50:36/1:51:3139.4/-
1997-07-27 (7)X - N 202 - XGötakanal (Töreboda)52.15/45.4411.94/11.914:21:56/4:03:4637.6/-
1997-07-28 (1)X - N 202Mariestad36.36/37.9312.25/11.432:58:06/3:19:0429.4/28.2
1997-07-29 (2)E 20 - XMariestad [Torsö]52.66/52.1414.52/13.923.37:35/3:44:4441.2/36.3
1997-07-30 (3)E 20 - N 44Lidköping50.43/50.3014.16/13.283:33:32/3:47:0429.4/27.4
1997-07-31 (4)N 44Lidköping [town]19.71/12.7411.26/13.091:45:39/0:58:2323.7/22.2
1997-08-01 (5)N 44 - XGrästorp59.34/43.4616.04/13.493:41:55/3:13:1038.0/31.3
1997-08-02 (6)N 47 - N 44 - N 42Vänersborg64.01/42.2416.12/12.793:38:11/3:18:0535.0/29.6
1997-08-03 (7)N 44 - XVänersborg [Strand]33.10/32.9013.06/13.932:20:14/2:31:0338.9/38.5
1997-08-04 (1)N 44 - XVänersborg [Strand]33.79/34.5113.93/13.142:25:27/2:48:1241.2/29.2
1997-08-05 (2)N 45wood (nor. Gothenburg)57.93/56.6615.00/13.024:00:02/4:21:0941.2/32.4
1997-08-06 (3)N 45Gothenburg45.52/44.5115.09/12.883:00:55/3:27:1642.0/28.2
1997-08-07 (4)GothenburgGothenburg [town]59.63/18.6516.17/9.543:41:17/1:46:0041.5/26.0
1997-08-08 (5)GothenburgStena ferry14.72/18.7910.69/10.511:22:34/1:24:2526.7/-
1997-08-09 (6)Kielnight train~. 7~. 110:38:2725.6
1997-08-10 (7)SchaffhausenSchaffhausen~. 5---

OK, that's it. As a summary we can just say, that we had a great trip. And I hope that some of you guys who read this, will enjoy long bicycle trips as well!